Christmas Wish

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A #christmaswishlist : WORLD PEACE. Though you may say it’s a folly to wish for it and it’s a swollen righteousness of oneself to ask for it, I would still dare affirm that we can achieve it. Let’s not only talk about the ceasefire, the safety from mass killing and freedom from slavery, let’s look at our basic destructive ways of how we mostly live now which commence the torrent of violence and torture. We are oblivious, in denial as we subconsciously refuse to acknowledge our involvement in wars and ruins. The oneness of our existence despite the diversity aims to nurture the world;therefore, we connect in every aspect,every phase and every form. This is a wish for #worldpeace through the end of your resentments-our anger and collective defensiveness to generate #love and eliminate spite. Remember that you are an #energy, a contagious and influential force, be an #energy of peace! The #earth is a vulnerable thing, it yields to what you offer. 

Merry Christmas, have faith in your #light 🌌 🌌 -Yours truly,Nicola An


Ultimate Wishful Thinking

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I saw these photos on Tumblr. This one’s in London and how I badly wish to have a magic carpet now and get there. I’ve been looking for a snow globe with a Ferris Wheel inside since I wish to collect snow globes and I have this perpetual love for Ferris Wheels. Seeing these photos, I am thanking the universe for the person who initially planned to create this. Even these pictures only already make me happy and give me the drive to keep going because I’ll be here someday!