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She perceived it as light at first sight, like the morning was made

to rescue her from the perennial, sleepless nights, and like when

she was frozen down a pitch black hole and squinted at the sliver of

a sunbeam;

and then she said he wore white,

exactly looking like an angel,

for a short moment that seemed to last, her life depended on just

staring at him

She believed she’d already seen him but wished they’d met before

She saw a new scene of an instant memory

Her heart recalls it was the beginning, but her soul knew

it was returning to something-

something that’s always been with her time


-Yours truly

People and Books

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Sometimes I look at books the way I look at people, some titles conjure a sunny memory, some covers attract a piece in my soul, some written summaries pierce my core. Too many, too confusing, full of drama and yet I know every story is a good read for a book won’t be published if it’s not meant to tell the world a journey.
So you, yes you, you were made to be in this shelf, this beautiful circular shelf you are free to breathe and fall for such an endless period of gravity. It does not matter if you aren’t placed on the top or right where you can be easily spotted.
You are here to tell a story, soon someone will grab you and you will make them laugh and cry and they will wish your pages will not reach the end like they will never want to lose you-this is how you will be loved eternally.


-Yours truly

“The Universe at Heartbeat” by Nicola An [Poetry Book]

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“a testimony made through poetry and prose that tells a young journey of an old soul conveying love as the utmost life of the universe; this book is ours”

Link to purchase: Shelf

Preview of the book: BOOK TRAILER


While I’m working on my final requirement to publish in paperback, I also make my first poetry book available in kindle . To those who wish to have a company in times of self-discovery, fighting for their dreams, having a hard time loving and even in times when they are the hopefully hopeless romantic type, I am one with you all. I bleed words for you. The universe is always with you whatever that journey you’re leading on your own!

Much love and gratitude,

Nicola An


Because Love is Giving



Sometimes when you love, you love so much that you forget the unfortunate circumstances. You cannot notice the barricades that were actually visible in the first place, always ready to raise their hands and slap you altogether .

Love is supposed to be given,it’s the basic free thing. But love does not know the way most of the time , it doesn’t have the detailed map or concrete instructions. Love also walks alone most of the time, and it walks where it is dark. Dark because of the things unseen and unpredictable, yet love is that torch we carry with us, the sole light.

Sadly to some people loving in silence and from afar, remind yourself that you can love someone so much but it is not up to you whether they break your heart or not especially when they do not know about it.

However, if you truly love-like what you feel is inarguably true love- you will not take the heartbreak as a curse, if anything, you will take it as a deeper reason and proof how much you love the person. You eventually love more.

Again, love is supposed to be given and I do think that the act of giving only serves its value when it does not know when and how to stop.

-Yours truly