Life Lesson by Nicola An

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This is just a single step in this infinite path, you won’t stay there any longer because life is an everlasting flow.

07/24/‘19 Nicola An


“Healer” A Prose Poetry by Nicola An

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Just when I thought I’ve forgotten the scars I took in my flesh and my shadow from yesteryears, a clean start looks like it is about ready to be tainted. I’m afraid I’ve been so used to getting hurt, I’ve acquired an incurable addiction to heartache

The qualms that deter for it’s clearly presumed that remembrance is time’s gift whether we like it or not, gone does not mean forgotten

As my heart sings again, an echo of its previous songs remains in the background but should this be about what I try to hear again or what I audibly hear at the moment?

The world says you can’t love again unless your heart has completely healed but isn’t loving again the only way to heal a pained love?What if it’s the right person you prayed for, you don’t need to appear all new and sound that maybe only in these moments of living loving you do I get the complete healing I deserve?

Now I understand why I still felt broken no matter how I greatly took care of myself. Like a true love’s kiss made to break a curse, maybe you’re the exact antidote to treat my heart, the healer that Love wanted me to wait for…[hopefully]

-art and words by Nicola An




Didn’t see it coming but tonight I suddenly felt something had opened inside me, a calm tidal wave seemed to brought something up, a bud started to bloom like a child has awoken from the womb slumber. I couldn’t really tell what it was but that I stepped into another room the universe had waited for me to explore. I totally just stood without anything to pull me down, fears didn’t intimidate me and I kept looking forward to anything.
I  couldn’t define what happened no matter how poetic my thoughts are but even if words run out of words, I pray to feel this way every single day.

Today’s Meditation



Chaos, cruelty, poverty-all these things I try to ignore not because I care less but because I care with an aching compassion and yet I know I cannot save the world on my own and I can’t control everyone. But I tell you this, you are fortunate enough to still have a life but indeed it’s the truth that you can’t be certain of what happens next. Just keep holding on to your faith and always focus on the good, attract the light and every positive energy and you’ll be guided and guarded. It’s sad when you cannot save everyone but then this is the way life is, what had passed should pass,accept and let go, remain where you are and improve it. You can’t control anyone’s life because you have your own-this is how we all live alone
-Yours truly