23rd Year

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Here’s to 2 3 years of borrowing this lifetime-this exhilarating and whimsical school of life. 2 3 years of being lost only to be found. 2 3 years of dreaming illusions before waking up to truth cannot be revoked. 2 3 years of giving and to be given more than what is expected. 2 3 years of being too much of myself and to finally let go and surrender to emptiness grandly liberating. 2 3 years of holding back and now allowing what is necessary to be there. 2 3 years of constantly feeling different yet always easily creating home. 2 3 and many years of loving unconditionally. My dear Universe, earth is beautiful, I am deeply honored, bless all the souls with me here. Happy 23rd birthday to this human I am grateful to take care of very well. My Soul loves me so much, I am infinite!
Only Love Only Light
-Nicola An

Day 21



Day 21 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”

Finally. I’d like to go back to the most significant memory of my 20th year: my summer epiphany. I take it now that when you’re young, it is possible to have that spiritual healing you could use for a lifetime, it’s not only for the aged who had mostly seen all the cracks of life.The catastrophe that I had wasn’t the worst battle in the world, but my adolescence wasn’t the brightest at all. I lived the years of constantly falling into hollow holes and I admit I had disliked life so much but while I was lost,it’s through loving and understanding troubles and heartaches with patience that I stumbled upon a nascent endeavor that helped me find myself and made me trust God even more. Suddenly, the world became vast, the universe opened and my soul expanded. I’ve learned to believe in myself more, forgive my wrong choices in the past and keep going with my dreams, my purpose. Everyone and everything started to be even more transparent to me. I would look at people the way I look at myself that my love for this world grew deeper. I live not only for myself but as well as for my family, friends,special someone and even for everyone. I found out that the basic value of living lies in our responsibility to be something for somebody, we all should take good care of each other for we are the only ones who could be there for ourselves. Life won’t always be a shade of rainbows, but where I am now I am grateful with confidence to say I love who I am now and this shall stay wherever eternity takes me. Thank you for existing in my life! -Yours truly