“The Universe at Heartbeat” by Nicola An [Poetry Book]

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“a testimony made through poetry and prose that tells a young journey of an old soul conveying love as the utmost life of the universe; this book is ours”

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While I’m working on my final requirement to publish in paperback, I also make my first poetry book available in kindle . To those who wish to have a company in times of self-discovery, fighting for their dreams, having a hard time loving and even in times when they are the hopefully hopeless romantic type, I am one with you all. I bleed words for you. The universe is always with you whatever that journey you’re leading on your own!

Much love and gratitude,

Nicola An






What if today is just a dream and then we all wake up not knowing anyone at all? Just what if somewhere we’re all deeply asleep?
If today is just a giant illusory creation with our hands that hold the power to draw our fates I dare to follow the trails to what is passionately dancing in my soul, I fear not a single thing to exist. If today is all we could ever have to create, I’d give my all if my heart’s at stake. -Yours truly