“Soul Song” by Nicola An 

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My second book entitled “Soul Song” will be available soon. Thank you for the gift of Divine Love

First Publishing Anniversary 

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Oh dear Universe and all the loving spirits in the higher dimensions, thank you for A YEAR of “The Universe at Heartbeat”, this is me speaking from my earth self, thank you for allowing me to create this piece. For the times of constant healing whenever I see this book because the journey that made me accomplish this will always be that one special reminder of being grateful to be here and being capable of understanding the balance and magic of existence. Thank you for making it as a bridge for me to connect to people I instantly find warm and welcoming even without meeting them, and for the kind words I randomly receive. I hope to create more and to send the love even to the next lifetime. I am not sure if I’ve spoken enough to deliver the true journey of this book, but hopefully to suffice it all: THE UNIVERSE AT HEARTBEAT is my gratitude to the Light that saved me, it is giving back to what I’ve been given, and from that Light I learned to always see the good and to never run out of something good to give. 🙂 I wish you a lifetime full of blissful days and a peaceful heart!

Thank you for your existence, if you happen to read this, do something good to yourself now! -Infinitely,

Nicola An

Watch “”Brightest One” -Spoken Word Poetry by NICOLA AN” on YouTube, link below:

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“Brightest One”-Spoken Word Poetry by Nicola An 

KINDLY READ:Happy to finally have this output before we jump another year,I’ve always wanted to do this but to record properly had been rigorous. Since I fortunately made it at this time,let this be my gratitude for this year 2016, that this #book stepped out of the shadows to share the light of love. Thank you,thank you,thank you to my followers,likers,random readers, friends,supporters,families,inspirations for giving me the courage. In all honesty, I know this is just a small start but you all bless me with optimism and faith to do what’s relentlessly shaping my heart and soul. Looking forward to sharing what the universe has in store with you all. Thank you,thank you,thank you beautiful existence! I sure do love every one of you 😘🌌 -Infinitely, Nicola An


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Finally made up my mind to post something from what I’ve been planning. This one’s a simple artwork of mine, an internal illustration of [like what I came here to ultimately share]the book I had begun to work on, a compilation of what I’ve been writing about, prose and poetry. I haven’t finalized the manuscript since I’m still tied up with priorities to finish college in a few more weeks but here, I am taking a moment that I hardly believe. I never knew that I could actually do this on my own, to do what sets the fire in my heart on my own. I am counting on every possibility, I was so wrong to think that no one will help me so I will never get here but along the way I had seen that all I needed was myself to make this happen. I am aware also that it won’t be an easy start, I am somewhat an ordinary person I am not sure who will turn to my words but then the main goal is to express and to reach out to souls especially the lost ones in this infinite universe, so now I am officially announcing that I am self-publishing my first book soon in February. It’s time to respond to the call of the stars. I am hoping I could confidently share it with each of you. Thank you for being a part of my journey into the reality of my dream.
-Yours truly

Nicola An