“Soul Song” by Nicola AnĀ 

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My second book entitled “Soul Song” will be available soon. Thank you for the gift of Divine Love


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She perceived it as light at first sight, like the morning was made

to rescue her from the perennial, sleepless nights, and like when

she was frozen down a pitch black hole and squinted at the sliver of

a sunbeam;

and then she said he wore white,

exactly looking like an angel,

for a short moment that seemed to last, her life depended on just

staring at him

She believed she’d already seen him but wished they’d met before

She saw a new scene of an instant memory

Her heart recalls it was the beginning, but her soul knew

it was returning to something-

something that’s always been with her time


-Yours truly




What if today is just a dream and then we all wake up not knowing anyone at all? Just what if somewhere we’re all deeply asleep?
If today is just a giant illusory creation with our hands that hold the power to draw our fates I dare to follow the trails to what is passionately dancing in my soul, I fear not a single thing to exist. If today is all we could ever have to create, I’d give my all if my heart’s at stake. -Yours truly