“Soul Song” by Nicola An 

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My second book entitled “Soul Song” will be available soon. Thank you for the gift of Divine Love


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How that one time when I thought the world wasn’t the kindest, turned out,it had given me something to accomplish and for the rest of my life I’ll thank the universe for that time and I knew it was a curse turned as gift.

My book now available for purchase:

The Universe at Heartbeat by Nicola An

Wednesday Poetry

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“Dull Weather”

There’s so little in this meadow;

The horizon seems to need medication,

Even raindrops have an insipid taste

I’m like a garden cursed

To never see the butterflies

For the flowers are all in their graves

I fear that maybe I had it much

And to suddenly feel it less


-Yours truly

Nicola An

Wednesday Poetry 10/21/’15


The Before

The way the world first showed you to me felt as though where I left
in my last eternity
A face that told my unwritten happily
ever after
Perhaps today is to start over

The light that you are must’ve been
the beacon I’ve always seen from afar
The soul that you’re made of must’ve
been my cause to exist for love

My relentless question the winds can’t almost bear, why’s it when you were there I bled not a longing in my heart
Darling, were we ever apart?


Wednesday 6th



If now’s a tale of swords and spells
A thorny cell where poor heart dwells
Roses are only angry colors
Beauty’s a fortress that shatters
And dear one’s a captive
My own battle shall be imperative

Valor and power can’t be my all
On embers I can crawl
Becoming a hero,knows no defect
For what is it to love but to protect?
Calling out fright, eager to fight
A weakling that feels learns to be a knight

It’d be a shame to be a damsel in distress
I ask to be more than a princess
Yet if I stay far from his kingdom
Uninvited to wherever he may come
Give him tragedies to the core
I’ll volunteer to be his armor

-Yours truly