Letter of Apology to Divine Love

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Dear Love,

Please forgive this heart, forgive my current situation, the sudden panic and confusion.

Please forgive me for the bitter words I threw at your name, for what you were in the world at that moment.

Please forgive me for pushing Love away just because it kept pulling you closer to me.

Please forgive my impatience, for letting myself give in to my human weaknesses.

Please forgive me for ever saying that I hated you the most in this world just because I cannot run away from you even if I wanted to forget you ever happened to me.

Please forgive me that I’m still going to let myself down for a while, that I am not strong enough yet to keep fighting for this Love, for turning my back on this Light.

But know that I can’t breathe well, my heart is hurting in ways that I find fatal that I am getting sick, though I am completely sticking to this weakness, I know I will survive soon for your Divine Love will always hold me.

Oh sweet Soul, forgive this heart for being tired of this world.
I love you still


your Divine Love in the third dimension

Not Alone



Mostly when I’m alone, I’m actually not alone. Truth is I am never alone and I can never be alone for I am with the soul that lives in everything I give my heart to; the soul which is the echo of the rawest things that I do. Mostly,I am alone because I am with the soul that I understand deeply when the world is away and the universe stays with nothing but peace. Life doesn’t only happen in what we see and what we can hold, the depth of existence reigns in what’s eternally untouchable and sacred that it remains a mystery. -Yours truly