Souls at Home

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They’re meant to be each other’s home for only when together they can  stand side by side with all that restores and spreads the light to watch over the world and make it as majestic and wondrous as it was before the hands of the Universe did the craft, before time was numbered, before space gave birth to distance. But Love being the quintessence of existence, untouchable and beyond the limits and appraisal of the human’s eyes, it extensively unfolds to bring two Souls no matter how apart their entities on earth are. Love and Light will certainly come to them for that is what they’re made of. Eventually, there will be returning to the Source. That is how they are each other’s home.


Nicola An
Only Love Only Light


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Nicola An

Wednesday Poetry 04/13/’16

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Oh when I speak of love,
I am a wandering kite made of mist,
enveloped by murk;
as I speak to my love,
I do not write to a lover
Not even to someone who saves
a palm of promises and keeps
a memory of my ghost in his pocket

This, a feeble paper of poetry
is again a whisper from the underground
But down here the view is still precious;
my love lives on the grandest mountain-
for that I see beyond these stone walls
and never forget to rise

-Yours truly