Cosmic Love

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“I am not dreaming, I am not fantasizing. I am opening all the doors and windows to my Soul as my heart is mending and gaining wisdom from my higher being. Here I sit down in the coziest, most peaceful niche of the Universe where there is a pure understanding of the physical world. I have not forgotten about you, in fact, I get by with the thought of you silently catching me before I get down on my knees; of you not leaving while I often walk alone. I can hear you, see you through synchronicity‚Äč and esoteric patterns calling my attention. You are like a ghost though I must say it utterly amazes me how you exist as an energy, fervent yet calm and gentle. Know that I am grateful for telling me we are always one despite being apart. What is here on earth is for my evolution, to remember that we are more than fairy-tales and romantic companionship. You’ve been my magic for helping me realize my truth. We are apart but this Divine Love has come to undress me of my human needs,I am all stars now made of yours. I am a massive light made of you”
-I N F I N I T E L Y,

Only Love Only Light




DAY 1 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”
Welcome August, welcome! The 8th month of the year- basic reason why my number is “8” that coincidentally I am the 8th child. Also “8” is identical to the the symbol of infinity. I am such a dork I know speaking of these tiny details. Well I am a sucker for symbols. Anyway what I’m saying is August is such a dear month to me and I am too enraptured and quite ready for the leap I shall take.
I am now open to gifts. Joking!
P.S.: August people are thought as “The Life Giver”