“Healer” A Prose Poetry by Nicola An

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Just when I thought I’ve forgotten the scars I took in my flesh and my shadow from yesteryears, a clean start looks like it is about ready to be tainted. I’m afraid I’ve been so used to getting hurt, I’ve acquired an incurable addiction to heartache

The qualms that deter for it’s clearly presumed that remembrance is time’s gift whether we like it or not, gone does not mean forgotten

As my heart sings again, an echo of its previous songs remains in the background but should this be about what I try to hear again or what I audibly hear at the moment?

The world says you can’t love again unless your heart has completely healed but isn’t loving again the only way to heal a pained love?What if it’s the right person you prayed for, you don’t need to appear all new and sound that maybe only in these moments of living loving you do I get the complete healing I deserve?

Now I understand why I still felt broken no matter how I greatly took care of myself. Like a true love’s kiss made to break a curse, maybe you’re the exact antidote to treat my heart, the healer that Love wanted me to wait for…[hopefully]

-art and words by Nicola An

Because Love is Giving



Sometimes when you love, you love so much that you forget the unfortunate circumstances. You cannot notice the barricades that were actually visible in the first place, always ready to raise their hands and slap you altogether .

Love is supposed to be given,it’s the basic free thing. But love does not know the way most of the time , it doesn’t have the detailed map or concrete instructions. Love also walks alone most of the time, and it walks where it is dark. Dark because of the things unseen and unpredictable, yet love is that torch we carry with us, the sole light.

Sadly to some people loving in silence and from afar, remind yourself that you can love someone so much but it is not up to you whether they break your heart or not especially when they do not know about it.

However, if you truly love-like what you feel is inarguably true love- you will not take the heartbreak as a curse, if anything, you will take it as a deeper reason and proof how much you love the person. You eventually love more.

Again, love is supposed to be given and I do think that the act of giving only serves its value when it does not know when and how to stop.

-Yours truly