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May this picture remind you that you always carry a Light in you, as the child of the supernal God, the seed of the Universe; you’re one of the chosen beings if you choose to see and nurture that Light
– Infinitely, Nicola An

MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAS!!! My heart swells with brimming gratitude that I get to spend Christmas not having to miss anyone or anything else because when the heart is this full, it can traverse all continents. 😂😂😂
I love you 💖

A Whisper of Positivity 

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If you are weary, scared and shattered, I hope this can help:
Acknowledging that there is Oneness,it’s impossible not to empathize, it’s real frustrating, affecting a feeling of being so powerless. I’ve been trying to make every tragic news fall on my deaf ears but the more resilient you are, the more you get pushed and the last straw is when the “opposite of the light” is well aware of your weakness, it takes one incident to eventuate your fall. Sometimes the way to the light is quite wobbly, I won’t sugarcoat spirituality.It is a SILENT BATTLE UNSEEN. I know that some of you can comprehend, and some only read this with immediate confusion and even a flicker of unfavorable impression;nevertheless,I believe that we all dream of salvation, redemption, peace…of heaven even here on #earth because we all have hopes and goals,chased or ignored.It is our purpose to look forward to happier beginnings so we can go back to paradise we’ve been told we came from and only when we choose the good, do the good and SEE the good can we return HOME.If you want to consider the “bad”, yes! It’s the “opposite of the light” taunting and daunting you so you will surrender to its darkness but please, this is the best moment to look at things as the Higher Power’s test how adamant you are when it comes to fulfilling what drives you to reaching your higher self!Just because it’s not safe anywhere doesn’t mean you stay shut and immobile, get out, the world is for adventures.Just because they say the end is near doesn’t mean you end your quest for bliss, every single day is full of forever! Just because people punish and kill doesn’t mean no one can be trusted and no one deserves forgiveness, an act of strong compassion always makes a HEART beat. Just because atrocity is omnipresent and viral doesn’t mean TRUE LOVE is hard to be found, what isn’t easily attained is always worth the fight! 

Do not decorate your own deathbed by giving up living.Remember that everything is a test of #FAITH.

-Infinitely,Nicola An

The Wind Speaks

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Tonight-like every other night-I stood by my window and engaged in the beauty of silence while I looked around. The stars, oh the stars, how they always give me tender hope.

I took a deep breath and let go of all my fears and doubts; it was time to shake my deepest sentiments and tell them “it’s okay, you can come out now.”

I sent a note to the Universe, I whispered a wish to all the good spirits guarding the every existence around me.

I didn’t see it coming but just before I closed my window, a gentle wind began to fan the leaves on the trees, making a metaphysical intermission. It was almost as if there was a voice from it confirming that my wish was not taken for granted.

I do not know if it was just a mere coincidence, but it was true hope going inside my room right after I locked my window and smiled.


-Yours truly, N




I didn’t want to pick you like my childhood guilt never left me; there must be a deeper reason when they say “Don’t pick flowers” and I’ve always understood that true beauty cannot be possessed but I’m sorry for today, maybe it’s because I knew you were dying and that I wanted you to die in my hands.
Oh Lord,spare me from my melodrama. I am just really engrossed in my collection.




Looking at one of my old artworks I did inspired by my favorite song “Raining in Paris” by The Maine,today my heart’s indeed in the City of Love.

Speak of Love, how can this chaos be so selfish? I am not a saint but in the name of God,I’ve been contemplating, mostly wondering why these “people” continue to destroy when talking about religion, they are the ones who claim to be the most righteous and the genuine follower of God’s teachings. I have nothing against these people, I just really wonder and if let’s say death shouldn’t be something we should fear since it’s our entrance to this hereafter, still it isn’t fair to take lives because even God would want all of us to feel our bliss in it, to enjoy the best of it but then here they go stealing that chance of some poor people who’re supposed to find that bliss.




Day 5 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”


There’s nothing as fearful as the unknown and nothing as cruel than doubt and yet there’s nothing that is worse than not following a path that gives life to your being just because there are a lot to be at stake. The best things aren’t always easy that you sometimes debate against your beliefs until you listen to your inner voice that fights to say “I have to do this!” and all you have to hold is faith. Yes all you will ever have is faith and it’s more than anything you could ever need to get to your desires. -Yours truly