23rd Year

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Here’s to 2 3 years of borrowing this lifetime-this exhilarating and whimsical school of life. 2 3 years of being lost only to be found. 2 3 years of dreaming illusions before waking up to truth cannot be revoked. 2 3 years of giving and to be given more than what is expected. 2 3 years of being too much of myself and to finally let go and surrender to emptiness grandly liberating. 2 3 years of holding back and now allowing what is necessary to be there. 2 3 years of constantly feeling different yet always easily creating home. 2 3 and many years of loving unconditionally. My dear Universe, earth is beautiful, I am deeply honored, bless all the souls with me here. Happy 23rd birthday to this human I am grateful to take care of very well. My Soul loves me so much, I am infinite!
Only Love Only Light
-Nicola An


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The absence of desire is the emergence of true wealth; maybe it is like trying to understand a conundrum to believe that the best way to our greatest treasure is when we devoid ourselves of wants and whims, but it is one of the highest attainments we could ever reach. We are always after something, we depend our fulfillment and reasons to live on these things that we lack not realizing that chasing them is what intensifies the lacking. Let go of the aching, of wanting so much. Anyway we eventually move closer to another fear, the fear of losing when we begin to own. Simply appreciate what is present, love everything and turn away from the thought of loss and hunger, you aren’t really there. You belong where there is nothing to strive so hard for, where you do not slave away because you are meant to be the master of your realm.

-Yours truly

Nicola An