23rd Year

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Here’s to 2 3 years of borrowing this lifetime-this exhilarating and whimsical school of life. 2 3 years of being lost only to be found. 2 3 years of dreaming illusions before waking up to truth cannot be revoked. 2 3 years of giving and to be given more than what is expected. 2 3 years of being too much of myself and to finally let go and surrender to emptiness grandly liberating. 2 3 years of holding back and now allowing what is necessary to be there. 2 3 years of constantly feeling different yet always easily creating home. 2 3 and many years of loving unconditionally. My dear Universe, earth is beautiful, I am deeply honored, bless all the souls with me here. Happy 23rd birthday to this human I am grateful to take care of very well. My Soul loves me so much, I am infinite!
Only Love Only Light
-Nicola An




DAY 1 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”
Welcome August, welcome! The 8th month of the year- basic reason why my number is “8” that coincidentally I am the 8th child. Also “8” is identical to the the symbol of infinity. I am such a dork I know speaking of these tiny details. Well I am a sucker for symbols. Anyway what I’m saying is August is such a dear month to me and I am too enraptured and quite ready for the leap I shall take.
I am now open to gifts. Joking!
P.S.: August people are thought as “The Life Giver”