“Am I Pretty? “

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In honor of my beloved band’s [ THE MAINE] heartwarming “Am I Pretty?” music video which encouraged me to post-for the first time- about my insecurities without feeling bad about it, I am posting my piece of writing which relates to the concept. Listening to the song before had reminded me of my awkwardness and serious anxiety when it comes to socially participating, especially that people so easily spot your physical flaws and tend to make you feel bad about it. Well growing up and be entirely different from the “little star” you once were,it becomes an unsafe, narrow road to you whenever you encounter people’s eyes. I cannot wear the clothes that I wear because I am fat and because some parts of my body are weirdly flawed I only wear shirts,jeans and a pair of sneakers all the time and be dissed for having that tedious fashion. Attractive girls make me feel small. Some people think I’m a lesbian because I don’t date anyone, or think I don’t have a boyfriend because I’m aware that being fat doesn’t make me pretty. But oh my God these insecurities are petty, winning self-love keeps on helping me to get through those things and admitting them opened a consciousness inside me that feels liberating. I cannot believe I ever posted it through sharing the video. So I’d like to thank The Maine so much for their creativity which pushed me to embrace my imperfections with all my heart and be grateful still. Will have this in my pocket forever to remind me of my beauty and grace. Am I Pretty? yes! we’re all pretty !!!

I am awkward. I am imperfect. I am insecure but I AM PRETTY!
“There’s beauty and grace in the flaws of your face”-The Maine
-Yours truly



2 thoughts on ““Am I Pretty? “

  1. MMM girl, props. I want to tell you to drop all that silly talk about not being beautiful, but I’m 30….2 and I’m still thriving in all my glorious insecurity! It’s a journey. Very beautiful blog and I look forward to following!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. All these insecurities are actually what make me survive the society and what make me appreciate my rawness. We’re all beautiful because we are like art. Thank you for appreciating my post!! Much love 🙂

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