Valentine’s Day 2016

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How much do you love and how do you understand love?Do you really have an answer?Do we really have the answers to the confusions and mysteries love ties around our emotions and thoughts? Who are we to master love? We are just flecks on the face of the universe, we are just an existence like tiny dancing particles inside a glass jar which is love. Who are you to speak of the most powerful as though you can draw a line from its beginning to its end?Love, love disappears when you claim to understand it; it is an ocean alive in your heart, it is indeed an ocean. Imagine if it’s only made of shallow waters, it is no longer an ocean. Love being an ocean, you have to dive in and get drowned, yet when you get drowned, you won’t reach its bottom still. Of course we know love but it refuses to be understood that is why we are all going through it but always asking and looking. Sometimes it is ridiculous when we blame love for our tragedies and longings never realizing they’re part of the journey how we get on with the nature of love. We fall, we get back on our feet. The bad has to happen as much as the good for us to keep seeking with hope because that’s the gift of love-a never-ending path of hope.
-Yours truly

Nicola An

Please do not ask me how much I love you, it would be my most meaningless mistake to give the right answer.


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