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Finally made up my mind to post something from what I’ve been planning. This one’s a simple artwork of mine, an internal illustration of [like what I came here to ultimately share]the book I had begun to work on, a compilation of what I’ve been writing about, prose and poetry. I haven’t finalized the manuscript since I’m still tied up with priorities to finish college in a few more weeks but here, I am taking a moment that I hardly believe. I never knew that I could actually do this on my own, to do what sets the fire in my heart on my own. I am counting on every possibility, I was so wrong to think that no one will help me so I will never get here but along the way I had seen that all I needed was myself to make this happen. I am aware also that it won’t be an easy start, I am somewhat an ordinary person I am not sure who will turn to my words but then the main goal is to express and to reach out to souls especially the lost ones in this infinite universe, so now I am officially announcing that I am self-publishing my first book soon in February. It’s time to respond to the call of the stars. I am hoping I could confidently share it with each of you. Thank you for being a part of my journey into the reality of my dream.
-Yours truly

Nicola An


4 thoughts on “Goal

    1. You’re the first person who said something I appreciate it so much. It’s been my dream and now I am working on it, I just need a little tips on how to market the book and also a little confidence that I can sell. :))

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