Looking at one of my old artworks I did inspired by my favorite song “Raining in Paris” by The Maine,today my heart’s indeed in the City of Love.

Speak of Love, how can this chaos be so selfish? I am not a saint but in the name of God,I’ve been contemplating, mostly wondering why these “people” continue to destroy when talking about religion, they are the ones who claim to be the most righteous and the genuine follower of God’s teachings. I have nothing against these people, I just really wonder and if let’s say death shouldn’t be something we should fear since it’s our entrance to this hereafter, still it isn’t fair to take lives because even God would want all of us to feel our bliss in it, to enjoy the best of it but then here they go stealing that chance of some poor people who’re supposed to find that bliss.



2 thoughts on “W H Y

    1. No ma’am, not even pointing out that religious people did this because I understand that being religious is living being close to goodness and truth. I’m wondering about these people who belonged to this certain religion which I do not want to literally mention, I wonder if they also live their lives adhering to the beliefs of their religion because as far as I know they are all obedient to the teachings they consecrate, and if the answer is yes,I don’t understand why they can do such thing 😦

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