Fifth Year


Thesis mantra and also Happy World Architecture Day!


This one’s another coming-out-of-myself speech, not the spiritual or poetic prose. Yes I am an artist but only through poetry and random artworks do I show it, I don’t show much of where I should be focusing: architecture. I’m in my last year now and still feeling lost here, lost because I do not know how to bring out my best here. But I know I am going to be an architect, I promise this to my father. Since I was a child, there had been signs but because before adulthood part of life happened I had found where my heart felt home I forgot where I started, yet I had to stick to the choice that gave me a dedication. You know sometimes we follow a path not only for ourselves but for the people we love, and whatever choice we make no matter how hard it is always has something substantial to give us. Nothing happens that doesn’t make you gain anything. As humans we’re infinite right? So why not try learning everything when we can be anything? So yes I must admit I am quite a weakling here but I cannot wait for the best that is waiting for me, I wouldn’t be here if there’s nothing for me. I promise to show the world Architect Angie Nicole A. Pigar 😉


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