Stars Do Not Leave



Day 17 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”

We all name the stars with the hue of the night because they compete with nothing in the dark, but have you ever looked for the stars when the earth meets the sun? Have you ever believed in something so much without actually seeing it? If yes, never be afraid to hold on to your faith of knowing it is there even if you can’t see it. You are not a fool, just because your conviction lies in mystery doesn’t mean you’re losing your sanity. The thing is, everything that our thoughts can conceive that grows so strong has been there before we could even imagine, it’s been there waiting for us to give life to it. It’s just like saying that nothing is ever impossible and even if it’s the hardest to grasp what isn’t physically there, giving your whole faith to it makes its existence. The most important things we can possess do not need our eyes but our steadfast beliefs. Whenever you doubt the existence of something, remember the stars in daylight. You cannot see them but you can’t change the truth that they do not leave the sky. -Yours truly


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