The Maine band



Day 16 of “21 Beautiful Days Before Turning 21”

The Maine finally. Best pre-birthday gift ever! I have the best brothers and sisters in the world, though I knew this journey wasn’t the easiest, I was the happiest! Til now I wake up with a loud heartbeat, the sweet memory of hugging each one of them stays like another weight in my body and soul. Though I was alone during the show, I wasn’t alone at all because there was home there. Despite the reality that these humans do not know me, they did make sure everyone was a part of their family. Couldn’t also forget how I took that risk with a friend to look after just to get to see them once more, and it was all worth it! The waiting , the tired feet and icky feeling. I know I couldn’t suffice the most accurate words why this band means a lot to me but here’s a thing: being a fan never felt this wonderful since I was a little girl. This band is precious, these humans are like my best friends in another world. PS: Had that bonus time of waiting for my flight back home only to see them waiting for their flight to SG , that moment I let go the “fangirl” thing because it was just nice looking at them as normal people, made me see that they weren’t that different from me at all. 🙂


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