You Lost.Get Found in Solitude



I tend to worry when people assume solitude to be that dire situation pushing you into the precipice of dying thinking isolation is the chance to entertain troubles-to alter this,I’d like you to treat solitude with wisdom. Solitude is neither self-destruction nor social anxiety, it’s actually the total evaluation and appreciation of your being. Nobody knows you but yourself, nobody ever sees what you see, and nobody else is going to live your life for you so you should actually embrace your own silence-the silence that will bring you back to your soul.In silence, you hear the sound of your heartbeat and you feel the spaces around you that you want to fill with “something”. Your heartbeat and the spaces around you will remind you of everything you desire, of everything you wish to hold and this is how you will live. In solitude, contemplate the places you want to go to, the experiences you dare to acquire, the stories you want to write and tell, the pictures you want to paint, the songs you want to play, the people you love and want to be with and the greater you you intend to become-these thoughts give meaning to your life for these are the thoughts you want to turn into things. So take some time in a quiet corner and listen to your heart and soul, only in the stillness of the world you will have a clearer vision of what you want to be and where you want to be, only in solitude you will capture the core of your existence and because of this you gain your strength and confidence, you begin to expand your understanding. You begin to see where you are at the moment and become aware of the next step.
-Yours truly


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