It is possible to have a peace of mind; the best that I keep teaching myself is to always remember that the world I’m living in is created by my state of mind, that no outside force-especially the “unproductive” and the “unhealthy”- should dictate what I plant in my head. We are only disturbed and ruined because we often worry about what everyone else will say and think about ourselves. You own your body, you own your life, you own your decisions and dreams that no one knows about so why bother if they always have something to say about you? Even those who make you feel bad have their own lives too so if one evil speaks just to belittle or berate you, be confident to say “You may keep judging me if you want to I wouldn’t stop you because it’s your life’s choice but then I won’t also judge you back since I don’t know much about your life.” Always choose goodness and respond a word that will guide their spirituality; understanding one’s evil tongue instead of repulsing their being for it is also a form of peace. -Yours truly


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