Poetry For Every Hoped Moment to Last


Letters from Soul

“The Ending” 

The heart trembles, the soul weakens
How something beautiful falls to evanescence
Unfortunately time has its own feet
All you get enough is a drop of whit:

The amount of missing and desperate wishing
Choked on words that long to deliver a meaning
The hands are weight of papers,white and cold
When they failed what they desired to hold
It’s as though a rainbow crowns the atmosphere
And the way it fades is like a song you won’t get to hear
Or when you marvel at the rockets of a fireworks display
Not even the last smokes will stay

Darling I could only pray for our sunset
That I will certainly win a good bet:

In a day when you and I be merry
May the twilight ahead refuses to worry
I will watch you at the west vanishing
Relieved that a long night always has an ending

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