Exquisite Gust



This afternoon the mood of the weather was unexpected; all of a sudden the sky darkened and it’s like the strong wind was competing with the current of the sea.
It was apparently a ghastly sight and it was a rare condition, it was as if an inexplicable phenomena was about to divulge. I am a weird human so when nature starts to rage at an unexpected time, I presume something that isn’t tangible, something that only metaphysics can explain is having an activity.
Either way I was just feeding my imaginations but probably there’s truth there. But then I liked the feeling of just standing on the shore, even if the weather was quite terrifying I was more inclined to the pleasure of just allowing myself to touch the wind even if it did not have a physical appearance.
It was exquisite because at the moment-with the aggressive blow of the wind- I had felt like I was with something that I couldn’t see and hold, at least I can feel its raw touch on my body and soul as I resigned myself to it. At the moment the wind made me feel that I did not have to hold something to have it with me, I just had to give myself the freedom to open up to the world. With my heart getting along with nature, I knew that whatever that’s close to it was everywhere and so it’s almost like I can have it with me. 🙂
I had conjured the message when William Blake wrote “Never seek to tell thy love
Love that never told can be;
For the silent wind does move
Silently, invisibly”


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