The Emotional Giver Vs. The Strong, Silent Type


Thought Catalog

Sometimes I think they’ve all been the same, my lovers, versions of each other, which is cruel, because they would hate to stand in a lineup and be found indistinguishable from one another. But when it comes to love, we like our types, past behavior being a strong predictor of future behavior. I’ve realized that this whole time, some 14 years of dating, I’ve stuck with the emotional ones, the givers. Usually they’ve also been the shy ones, the ones I had to pull out of themselves, the ones who made me — shy, emotional me — feel brash by comparison. I think even the ones I didn’t think would be delicate turned out to be delicate, that under the right circumstances — me, I suppose — I could get them to talk, could get them to unfurl.

The problem, which has taken me more than a decade to work…

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